ABOUT - Vicki Mullet

Vicki Mullet -- Fine Art Photographer

My hope is to inspire the viewer to see anew that which they have seen before. I paint with light. My camera is my paintbrush. I use intentional camera movement with slow shutter speeds, multiple exposures and non-standard post-processing techniques to blur the line between reality and imagination. My art starts with abstract photographs of nature. The unpredictable nature of using intentional camera movement to capture the image removes any preconceived notion of what the photo will look like and the post-processing of it becomes an intuitive exploration of the color of light. By giving up control over the image, my process becomes organic and intuitive. In my work, the glory of that first burst of sunrise and the serenity of forests are abstracted to the colorful, joyful essence of the experience itself.

I feel very fortunate to live in Seattle Washington, where I am constantly in awe of and inspired by  the natural beauty -- mountains, water, and lush green forests -- that surrounds me. With my images, I strive to capture the emotional essence of all that beauty rather than the actual reality of the scene.   


2018   Seattle Emerging Arts Fair,  Seattle WA


2006   Grand Prize, BetterPhoto Summit 


2018    Practical Photography, May 2018. pp. 38-39

2018    Backroads Family Adventures 2018. pp. 46

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