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Vicki Mullet -- Fine Art Photographer

I’m Vicki Mullet and I take abstract, impressionistic photos of nature using camera techniques such as intentional camera movement (ICM) and multiple exposures.

As a kid, when I took my very first photo, I deliberately tilted the camera. My mom saw the oddly angled picture and asked what I thought would happen when I tilted the camera.  My reply — “I didn’t know what would happen. That’s why I did it.” Apparently, that was the beginning of my use of non-traditional camera techniques.

Like you, I’m a hodgepodge of stories. I’m a photographer, a mother, a wife, a daughter and much more. I’m that unique combination of a creative person who also has strong technical and analytic skills. Despite my MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I ended up with a career in the technical arena -- a self-taught process, systems and data analyst. My spreadsheets, with their beautiful layouts and delightful color combinations, were a sign that more creative endeavors were calling me.

Other than a handful of online photography classes, I am also a self-taught artist. Though I had started my explorations into experimental photography as a child and again as an adult — one of my first ICM images was awarded the Grand Prize at the 2006 BetterPhoto Summit — for many years, a full time job and my twin sons shifted my focus to more traditional photography topics such as children, sports and senior portraits.

My current vibrant, impressionistic style of work is still driven by my curiosity, wondering what will happen when I try this new technique, and a combination of my love of nature and my love of technical processes. My love of nature pulls me outside to soak up nature’s beauty and experience the joy, peace and curiosity I feel there. My love of technical processes pushes me to experiment with the processing of the photos and to coax as much color and vibrancy as I can get from the raw images.

Though, it’s only been in the last few years that I have focused on abstract techniques, my work was featured in the May 2018 Practical Photography magazine as a how-to guide to creating impressionistic landscapes. In July 2018, I was honored to have my art included in the Seattle Emerging Arts Fair hosted by Seattle Art Post and juried by Judith Rinehart, Gallery Manager at Winston Wächter Fine Art.


2018   Seattle Emerging Arts Fair,  Seattle WA


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